My back is aching and I know why. I’ve been nursing a nasty shin laceration for over a week and in order to let it heal (the skin around the shin is remarkably thin) I have forgone my daily dose of Pilates which I use amongst other reasons to prevent back pain.   A hard call for someone like myself who gets so much pleasure and benefit out of my daily session, rather like a chocoholic forgoing chocolate for a week!

Last week, I started training to walk the West Highland Way .  The sky was blue, the sun was out and the full heat of the day hadn’t kicked in.  I watched deer running down the hill, admiring the views of the river below.   As I went through the next gate, I had an argument with my Nordic walking sticks.  They won.  To cut a long story short  I found myself tripping over the poles and tumbling down a steep slope. My only thought was “roll” and miraculously I did.   I lay on the grassy slope dazed by the impact and felt elated.  I had fallen and nothing was broken.  Joy indeed to someone with Osteoporosis like myself!

Osteoporosis (or low bone density) is often known as the “silent disease”.  Far too often,  the first sign is a fracture in the spine, the hip or a broken wrist.   Apart from medication, good eating habits and getting sufficient Vitamin D, exercise is also prescribed to help counteract the condition, especially anything weight bearing.   Another reason I indulge in my daily Pilates session.

After a session of standing and matwork exercises not only have I exercised both my body and mind but I am relaxed and focussed, ready to start the day.   By using weights or resistance bands the muscle pulls on the bone and helps create bone density.  The standing work also helps with balance.   Strengthening the muscles helps protect the skeleton.    Four point kneeling helps strengthen the wrists, prone work the back muscles.   Semi supine work helps increase hip mobility, strengthen the lower stomach muscles which will in turn help protect the lower back.

Tomorrow will tell if my wound has healed sufficiently and I can resume Pilates.  Fingers crossed, I miss my daily fix!

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