A lovely long standing client came to see me after class, upset.  She told me she needed to stop Pilates because she needed to find  a more gentle form of exercise .  She explained  she had been recently became diagnosed with a serious illness.  Used to performing Pilates at an advanced level, she was worried she would soon become too unfit to continue.   Shocked, I quickly reassured her this wasn’t the case, in fact quite the opposite, so long as her doctor said it was ok to continue exercise.  I went on to tell her of the superb results I have had with clients who for varying reasons need to  stick to a  low level workout and how thrilled they were with  the improvements in their body.  I reminded her how versatile Pilates is.  Not only does it help flexibility and posture but  the mind body connection helps clients to relax and release stress.  It helps breathing, lymph drainage and so much more.  Much relieved,  my client went home knowing whatever lay ahead she could continue with her weekly Pilates fix.

The beauty of Pilates is that is so adaptable to ALL levels of activity which makes it accessible to everyone.   Exercises can be adapted to any position, albeit lying on the mat, four point kneeling, standing or seated on a  swiss ball or a chair.  The same small precise movement are used regardless of a client’s fitness level, the exercises are merely modified to suit the individual.      The exercises help neurofire the deep trunk stabilizers (core strength) and which in turn improves movement patterns and strengthens the whole body.   So put aside any pre-conceived ideas.  Get that body moving, Pilates is for everyone!

Note:  If you have recently been ill,  under medical treatment , pregnant or recently had a baby,  you should check with your medical practitioner to ensure  you are safe to exercise.  This is also good practice for anyone wanting to start exercise .


Ps for those of you who are wondering my shin injury from last month is healing beautifully and I have resumed my daily Pilates fix.  I’ve also forgiven my Nordic walking sticks and am back out striding in the local countryside. Yes, training for the Great Western Way has continued!  http://www.west-highland-way.co.uk/